5 Fashion Tips for Guys: How to Make it Past the Bouncer

Nightlife here in Australia is awesome! As international students flock to Australia, we have no doubt that you are eager to explore the streets and test out the nightlife in your city. But before the Exchangr team can guarantee you one ‘helluva’ night, you have to meet the dress code standard of the venue you’re about to enter.

So for all international students, specifically the blokes out there, read along as the Exchangr team give you guys some advice when it comes to making it past the bouncer.

Australia is strict… and so are the bouncers. So take note! 1200x630bf.jpg

  1. Looking good is a way to getting yourself a decent night out


Most cool pretentious clubs around Australia DO NOT accept T-shirts. While they may appear laid-back and comfortable, it doesn’t add to the vibe of an establishment. Go for collared shirts or ones that are nicely cut. You don’t need to go for the designer brands or anything exy, so long as the way the fabric sits on you looks edgy enough, then in you go!

Sleeves up!

2. Visible tattoos are a no go

There are no fast and hard rules or laws when it comes to such restriction but all licensed premises have the right to refuse entry. While these polices vary from club to club, the Exchangr team suggests that you cover them up with a long sleeve so as not to get caught up in the line.



3. No sneakers or sandals

You need to put on an outfit that will make you look like a total package and sneakers or shoes will probably not match the edgy statement that you want to establish if you are to match it with your collared upper. The Exchangr team suggests that you find a pair of slip-ons or leather black lace-ups that will make you look smart!

4. No shorts… unless it’s a day club sort of vibe

Still aligned to the previous section’s reason, you won’t look smart and edgy enough if you fall short in shorts! Chinos or jeans are highly recommended because they arbitrate a more stylish appeal, adding to the good lad aura.

5. Slay the floor, go light

Sure you may look more fashionable and classy with an overcoat, but know, most Australian clubs don’t have a cloak room so don’t bother bringing warm puffy jackets … unless you want to be carrying it on the D-floor.