How International Students Should Be Spending Their First Week in Australia

As international students embark on a new and exciting experience in Australia, the Exchangr team have no doubt that students would be feeling anxious yet excited to see what Australia has to offer. It is important however to ensure that you spend your first week here wisely. The Exchangr team have outlined 5 important things that will help you to settle your nerves and get you through your first week.

1.Buy an Opal card for public transport. You won’t be able to use any mode of transport without an Opal card. These can be purchased in most convenient stores.


2. Learn the directions to your university from your home. Research the best mode of transport and find out how much it will cost you.

3. You don’t need the Exchangr team to tell you this, because you’ll quickly begin to realise, Australia is expensive! so create a budget and spend your money more wisely on fun things like travel and entertainment.

budget .jpg

4. Get an Australian phone simcard so you can easily communicate with friends in Australia and your family back home. Top brands include Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and Virgin.

5. Just enjoy the experience and live in the moment … this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!