Why Australia is the Best Place to Study Abroad

Deciding which school to go ought to be one of the toughest decisions an individual have to make in his life. The Exchangr team deeply understands a student’s need to thrive in a place that accommodates one’s lifestyle preference without compromising the quality of education.

As we consider Australia’s bounty resources along with its world-renowned educational features, the Exchangr team have gathered 5 useful information that will surely make every student love not only the lessons but the place as well.

  1. Top Quality Institutions

Being a global leader in education, Australia is home to best performing schools. Not only does it contain seven of the top 100 universities in the world, it also houses the most number of international students statistically.

  1. Spot on for Any Major Preferences

Whether it’s biology, health, or business that you’re interested in, the Exchangr team guarantees you that Australia is the best place to study as it provides approximately 22,000 courses in 1, 100 institutions. The place is also naturally blessed with diverse animal life as well as great company investments, making it easier to conduct studies and also do internships.


  1. Australian Students are Bound to Make a Difference

Given the top-caliber academic credentials that schools from the country have to offer, it isn’t surprising that some of the great Nobel prize inventors came from Australia. The league includes the great scientists who discovered IVF, Penicillin, and even what the modern people consider a life saver nowadays, the Wi-Fi.

  1. Welcome to the Most Lifestyle Friendly Place on Earth

Whether you’re the type who fancies the silence of nature or enjoys the party that city life has to offer, the Exchangr team testifies that Australia is the best spot for you! Unwinding after a tough exam or semester is never a problem as the country is geographically blessed with pristine beaches and wondrous cultural places. They also have fantastic bars and pubs to chill with hospitable and warm people around.

  1. Communication is Never an Issue

The Exchangr team believes that there’s no better way to communicate other than speaking the world’s universal language — English! In Australia, you don’t have to worry about being awkward using hand gestures or even struggle through translation as Australians typically know the language. Also, they have very refreshing accents.

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