​5 Top Tips to Surviving Your First Few Weeks in Australia as an International Student

So you’ve made it – Welcome to Australia! Yay! The Exchangr team couldn’t be more pleased to have you around this wonderful country and to help you out. We have gathered 5 top tips to make your first few weeks easy-peasy. So drop that bag down and read along as you’ll never think of going home after reading these life-saver advices from the Exchangr team.

1. Get acquainted with your area

Your area covers the whereabouts of both your campus and accommodation. Within the university, get to know the main buildings including the library, all-night study labs, and of course, your very own department. Don’t be shy to ask around and seek student support for assistance. Along your neighbourhoods, grab a map and know the best transportation to get around well. It’s all about getting comfortable and exploring the place.

2. Be Time-Wise

One of the best things about studying in Australia is that you’ll generally have an abundance of spare time, as school schedules are not that demanding. This depends on your course, though. As you might have a lot of time to explore and get a good night sleep, the Exchangr team highly suggests that you master balancing study and recreation times. Plan ahead your weekly schedule and don’t forget to unwind!

3. Consider a Weekly Budget

When budgeting, make sure you’ve prioritised your necessities first. Living abroad shouldn’t be that expensive if you just know how to thrive smartly. Make use of the benefits of your student card and avail of discounts and freebies. Now, aren’t you in luck? The Exchangr team just knows where to find these treats! Click this link and start redeeming discounts.

4. Health is Wealth

This indeed is an old saying that never gets old. Track your fitness regime and get on with exercise. Joining a gym or a social sports club is highly recommended to both meet new people and stay fit!

5. Socialise, Socialise, Socialise

Join student clubs and societies at university and make friends at social events. Develop as many friendships as possible and learn all about their culture. The more people you meet, the better time you will have studying in Australia!

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