International Student? Make Sure You Have These Essentials Before You Arrive in Australia

Finally! You’re flying to Australia in less than a month with a student visa and plane ticket in your hand. The Exchangr team would like to congratulate you for making it this far! But before you depart to Australia … you suddenly realise that you have no idea on what to pack. Don’t panic, Dear! The Exchangr team got your back as we enlist all the essentials that should be in your luggage before greeting the place G’day!


1.Suitable clothing 

Save some space in your luggage and bring minimal winter clothing as Australia’s winters generally don’t reach below 10-15 degrees celsius. In case the cold weather kicks in, there are less costly winter outfits that are available there to purchase. Better yet, layer up with all the clothing that you’ve packed. Include tees, shorts, dresses, comfortable jeans, sneakers and oh, don’t forget to fit in your swimming attire as well as your flip flops.


2. Australian dollars *insert cash register sound effect -ka ching! *

The Exchangr team strongly suggests that you open your own bank account upon arriving in Australia. However, waiting for your card, not to mention going through the application process, may take days. A cash-on-hand amount of AUS$200-400 would be enough to survive the first few days in Australia but this does not include of course your budget for your accommodation or other fees that you need to pay for your studies.

3. Keep documents readily accessible

Keep both hard copy and digital formats of your files relating to your student visa.  Have these files handy in your hand luggage in case you need to show them to authorities shall they ask you of it for confirmation purposes.


4. Adaptors are a must

Australia couldn’t stop being unique, and their plugs are not an exception. Commonly, outlets in Australia have two flat metal pins shaped like a “V” and some may contain a third flat pin in the centre. Imagine the disaster that you have to go through if you can’t power up your gadgets following the fact that we’ve been living in a very techie world.

5.  Explorer starter pack

You’re about to have an amazing time in a land full of unique escapades. What better way to prepare for the experience than having a large backpack, a journal, a camera, an Aussie slang guidebook, and of course, your sense of adventure!

P.S. Sunscreens and insect repellants could be great lifesavers, too! Love, the Exchangr team.

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