Urbanest Student Housing is Awesome! Here’s Why

Imagine yourself hustling the whole day at school: attending classes, complying with requirements, running errands, endless walking here and there. The only thing you’d look forward to is retiring to your comfortable bed safe and sound.

With the busy university life, you don’t want to go far. Urbanest, being one of Australia’s largest housing provider, have student accommodations that are strategically located near university premises, social centres, and transport links. The Exchangr team is sure about Urbanest providing not only the closest proximity but ones that support the lifestyle of international students as well.

Urbanest’s accommodation designs are made to suit student’s comfort. Their fully equipped and furnished spaces are available as single En-suite rooms, studios and twin apartments. Therefore, whether you’re staying solo or with friends, you are sure to have an option.

Another thing that the Exchangr team also loves about Urbanest is that it is complete with facilities and features to make your stay more comfortable. The property have their own gym for international students as well as a big outdoor courtyard and iMac center for group studies. They even have an area where you can challenge friends to a game of pool and an entertainment center where you can relax over your favorite shows.

Most importantly, you are sure to be secured as the property is installed with CCTVs 24/7. Add it’s secure door entry features and you’re guaranteed that nothing or no one will harm you. Also, if you need anything repaired, you are sure to have it sorted fast as the building has its own maintenance team on standby.

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