Where to Find Australia’s Best Hidden Beaches

Take this fact from the Exchangr team: Australia is a HUGE country and traveling from one end to the other would only mean one thing – unlimited expedition! Blessed with beaches like no other, any international student wanting to explore the place is sure to find a spot they’d remember as their favourite. We have gathered serene and secluded beaches far from the crowd to help you create the best memories while in the country.


1. Hyams Beach 

Where is it: Jervis Bay, 18km south of Sydney

Hyams Beach is a seaside village with a population of 290 in the Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia, on the shores of Jervis Bay±. We recommend this place for international students who’d love to kick off fine and soft sand. What more, the beach is best known as the whitest sand in the world according to Guinness Book of Records.


2. Refuge Cove

Where is it: Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

The Prom, is a national park in the Gippsland region of Victoria, southeast of Melbourne. Within it is a secluded beach on the east side, called the Refuge Cove which opens to stunning views as you walk through its track. It has a camp site near the water with lush vegetation satisfying a camper’s desire.

©Tourism Tasmania

3. Wineglass Bay

Where is it: Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula

Hiking down this beach is not an easy task but we assure you that it will all be worth it! Spoil yourself not only with it’s stunning sapphire-coloured sea set on grey and pink granite peaks but also with its invigorating activities. Here is where you’ll unravel your sailing, sea kayaking, fishing, and rock climbing expertise.

©Eddie Safarik | News Corp Australia

4. Frangipani Beach

Where is it: Topmost Cape York, Mainland Australia

For those adventurers who would like to wander real far, this beach is perfect for you. The Exchangr team suggests going here on a low tide to catch its stunning site as you are able to walk along the bay’s surrounding rocks. Just a note, the only way to access this picturesque view is through a 4WD in addition to the long 750km drive from Cooktown.

©Destination Gippsland

5. Cape Conran

Where is it: Mallaccoota, Gippsland

Get lost in the wilderness of trails leading to this coastal environment. The ultimate seclusion of this paradise will surely pique an adventurer’s interest as the beach can only be reached by foot through a staircase. Make the experience worthwhile by visiting it on a low tide to see its magnificent rock pools.

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