Australian Fashion Trends: What are Students Wearing

Just how long do you, as a student, stare at your wardrobe before you head out? Some students worry that they might be out of place when mixed with the crowd yet they also don’t want to appear too plain. In this post, the Exchangr team will give you some tips about Australian fashion trends to make you feel comfortable around other students.

4c574e57bee014b13ac57eef34ef2555Skinny jeans are boys’ modern religion. Men are just as susceptible to current fashion trends like women, only not everyone admits this fact. With the youth being more creative, male students wear slim jeans or chinos to make them look lean as it slims down silhouettes. Besides, this fashion trend has become so famous that majority of shops don’t sell any other cuts anymore.

The linen obsession is a real thing. The Exchangr team does not have to remind you of how warm Australia can get almost all year round. For this reason, there’s no wonder why both boys and girls wear t-shirts, dresses, and shorts made of linen material. The clothing is very absorbent and is obviously valued for its exceptional freshness and coolness during hot weather.



Sunnies are for hot weather, modern pairs are forever. Sunglasses has been a normal style staple to every outfit. This addition to every fashion statement never gets old so long as you keep yourself updated with the fresh pair of designs. Millennial’s of this generation not only fancy sunnies of different frame shapes and sizes but of various lens colors as well.



Oversized jumpers = freedom. The Exchangr team could not think of any reason to hate this style and this ought to be the reason why it’s up on the fashion trend. What’s not there to love about this clothing? Its versatility, warmth, lightness, and comfort allows one maximum movement that it equates to freedom. Pro-tip: if you have a small stature, the oversized jumper can double as a dress.

Sneakers likes pants that are rolled up. The Exchangr team presents you the bottom’s starter pack to looking hip in Australia. Tapered or rolled up pants is a trend that everyone does to help pants hang better and show off their sneakers. Just one friendly rule from the Exchangr team: make sure you create a flat cuff and not create a rolled mess.

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