The Funkiest Suburbs in Australia

Wake up – school – (gym) -home – sleep. Repeat. If this is how your day’s been running then man, you need a break! We at Exchangr team understands just how much international students need to grab a life but with all the common places already crashed out your list, you simply have nowhere else to go to. Well, here’s some good news! The Exchangr team is here to give you some funkiest suburbs to explore around Australia to save you from boredom.

image.jpg1. Sydney

Topping the Exchangr team’s list is Sydney’s Newtown. This suburb inspires international students with their enthralling music, cool pubs, variant food excursions, and quality first release films.


311443_home_hero.jpgChampioning bold audacity and bright expression, Darlinghurst is another go to suburb in Sydney. Filled with community parades, this place is the center of Sydney’s LGBTQ community. Here is where you learn to sip, dance, wander, and yell vibrantly over energetic cafes, boutiques, galleries, and busy intersections.


2. Melbourne 

Being second to Sydney, Melbourne also contains fascinating suburbs with its unique daily weather. If you enjoy vibrant and unpretentious aura, head over to Fitzroy. If you’re a foodie, then Richmond’s cafes and restos will never fail you.




3. Brisbane

Enjoy a warm weather and head over to Fortitude Valley of Queensland. It is not only visited for its rich music history, not to mention their annual festivals, but also because the spot has been an entertainment district with all its well-known pubs and clubs.

Similarly, if you’d like to swoon over cafe’s and healthy delights, you may head over to Petrie Terrace which is just 2km west of Brisbane General Post Office.


DSC_5833.jpg4. Perth 

If you’d like to visit WA where urban and nature life exist in harmony, Perth’s suburbs should be on your list.  Northbridge is Perth’s cultural epicenter in that, it houses eclectic shops with wide range of products as well as diverse cultural galleries and museums.



Just 5 minutes north west of the city is Leederville. It features drinking and eating establishments that portrays hip bohemian vibe and worthy shopping stalls.


imageSrc.adapt.687.HIGH.jpg5. Canberra 

Canberra is not only Australia’s youngest city, it is also a place for fun learning as it showcases the arts community along with lively bar and restaurant scenes.

With just a few minutes of walking from the city center, you’ll find Braddon. It is a hipster haven that uniquely flaunts quirky businesses and exciting pop-up stores.




Situated near Adelaide’s Flinders University is Bedford Park. The Exchangr team promotes this site for young hipsters who are after historical monuments, natural attractions and other adventurous entertainment activities.



7. Tasmania

Whether you plan to go for a picnic, visit boutique wines, and taste fresh bread, Tasmania’s Sandy Bay is the place for you. The Exchangr team will not only recommend you to try their gourmet foods but experience a fantastic day out at their famous Salamanca Market as well.


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