5 Australian Fashion Labels Guys Should Definitely Know About

Looking sharp and professional is a trend that every male international student wants to achieve. Getting that young professional look does not have to be complicated at all! What you need is the knowledge about where to get the right clothing and apparel. Read on as the Exchangr team brings you clean, crisp, and well-fitted clothing lines suited to every guy out there.

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Jac + Jack. Top on the list is this quality modern clothing line that have been known to be  daily wearables all over the world. Its relaxed and sophisticated designs match every male’s wardrobe along with its palette of muted tones and neutrals. For international students who wants luxurious and soft fabric on their skin, this brand is for you.

AutonomyImmerse yourself in a world of contemporary styling with this brand’s diverse clothing styles. From various range of T-shirts to tailored casuals, you can always walk with an offbeat personality with Autonomy’s freedom vibe.
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nANA jUDY. Say hello to comfort as Exchangr team introduces you to premium street wears by this Melbourne-based brand. Designed for those with carefree attitude, this brand’s unique designs always promote confidence to the ever innovative male generation.


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.27.20 PM.png
Venroy. Lo and behold the brand of choice for your complete leisure activities! The Exchangr team doesn’t have to point out how this brand is known for their quality swim shorts. However, with its increasing credibility to customers, it isn’t surprising that this brand is favored as well in all types of top-to-bottom clothing.


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.24.39 PM.png

Mere. To finish your manly stance, the Exchangr team reccomends that you complete your look with a statement from this Australian footwear brand. Walk into quality and comfort that’s made in mass-machinery over hand-made mastery. It’s leather material will remains as a sure kicker with its unwavering concept of delicate art over shoes.

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  1. YOTSABA says:

    Admittedly a massive fan of nANA jUDY, great list man!

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