Why You Must Do a Road Trip in WA

As an international student trying to balance school and adventure time, it’s going to be hard to see all the sights of the country especially if you don’t have any idea which place to prioritize. Here’s a tip from the Exchangr team, go for a road trip in WA and you’ll surely won’t regret it. Below are some picks that the Exchangr team have sorted out for you to explore. Enjoy!


  1. Coastal and Esperance Route

From Perth, follow through the coast and drive going to Esperance. You’ll go through charming Wheatbelt towns as you take in the breathtaking coastline of WA. You may stop over the whitest beaches you’ll ever see and even do fishing. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see seasonal whales. And of course, who would like to miss the world’s renowned pink lake? Yes, Lake Hillier is just 3km west of Esperance.


2. Perth to Exmouth via Coral Bay

Exmouth is quite a far destination but the Exchangr team assures you that the site that you’ll see along Coral Bay will be like no other. See the wildflower come to life as it creates a colourful view of the road and try snorkeling through the amazing Ningaloo Reef. Take time also to lavish Shell Beach and Carnarvon blowholes.


3. Turquoise Coast Wheatbelt Roads

Just north of Perth is Turquoise Coast. A region that will make you bask in the beauty of Indian Ocean, Pinnacles Desert, and the coastal towns of Lancelin and Cervantes. You don’t also want to miss their national parks as well as the beautiful Swan Valley.


4. Warlu Way Dreamtime Trail

Trail into dreamland as you traverse WA through Pilbara and Kimberley regions. The place is not just rich with sacred landscapes but of enchanting Aboriginal stories as well. Oh, have the Exchangr team also mentioned its sapphire seas, soaring gorges, lush oases, and mesmerizing waterfalls? The place is just majestic.


5. Perth to Waroona

Take an alternative trip to south of Perth and you’ll discover one of WAs oldest towns, the Pinjarra. Along the way, you’ll get to see the great Serpentine Falls and also do a variety of activities like skydiving and steam-engine rides.

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