Fashion Tips: What to Wear On Campus

You open your closet the night before you go to school and after almost an eternity of scanning through folded clothes and hanged pieces of fabric, you realize, you don’t know what to wear. International students face this problem almost everyday! Before you become too grumpy, settle down as the Exchangr team gives you some basic tips about what to wear when you’re around the campus.

  1. Keep your feet in good walking condition by wearing closed shoes.

Australians fancy wearing flip flops and sandals. Of course they are very easy, fresh, and comfortable to wear around. However, in a school setting where rooms have a 99% possibility of being positioned far away from each other, choosing closed shoes are more ideal. The Exchangr team would recommend wearing this if you don’t want your feet to dry up.


2. Put on a moderate amount of clothing.

Singlet must have been the national costume of Australia given the warm temperature almost all year-round. But, much as you’d like to stay fresh all day by not putting on too much clothing, remember that most classrooms are installed with air conditioners and you don’t want to end up freezing in the corner.


3. For emergency purposes, carry a rain jacket.

Rainfalls can be treated as an emergency — especially if you don’t have anything to shield you from getting wet. The Exchangr team knows just how uncool this will make you look like but trust us, this will be a lifesaver when you have to walk from class to class and when you’re commuting as you head home amidst the heavy rain.


4. Tag along a bigger backpack.

No, the Exhangr team is not asking you to bring your entire closet nor to carry a luggage. As international students, books and laptop will be a regular item that you will have to carry around — but that does not have to mean literally. It’s more convenient to have all your essentials in one easy to carry backpack.

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