10 Activities to Do to Meet People as an International Student in Australia


At the end of your venture as an international student in Australia, you’ll gonna look back to the days when you were just starting out in the city and you are sure to remember the friends whom you’ve encountered. While this nostalgic moment is still years away, the Exchangr team is here to help you gain plenty of friends for a more fun-filled memory to look back into.

  1. Hoard events the balanced way. The first few weeks in the university can get overwhelming with series of events. This is the best time to make friends as friendship groups are not fully formed yet.1473888145158.jpg
  2. Sign up for a volunteer organization or a club. There’s a great potential that you’ll meet friends here: from those who are new to the place like you up to those who have made Australia their home since birth.studentlounge.jpg
  3. Make student accommodation your home away from home. Student lounges within these places are conducive areas for meeting people.4644090037_e5060cd82c_o-785x510.jpg
  4. Visit local attractions or tourist spots and start a conversation. Newbies like you would definitely be curious also with Australia’s rich history and by visiting local places like museums and beaches, you are most likely to create an interesting topic with other international students who are checking out the place as well.
  5. Socializing doesn’t stop on physical meeting, you can always follow up online so long as you don’t appear creepy. The Exchangr team strongly believes that social media is a way to open and solidify communication lines.bigstock-Happy-friends-drinking-beer-at-45992998.jpg
  6. No matter how much you love your room, you have to get out and socialize. Loosen up and try hitting the bar. Not only will you entertain yourself but meet vibrant people as well.
  7. Develop a new sport or a skill and enroll yourself on workshops that will allow you to interact to other students other than the ones you meet at school.
  8. Join study groups or shared projects. This will not only drag you closer to people who are on the same program as you but will also cultivate your academic learning skills.part-time-jopbs-comp
  9. Get a part-time job if your schedule allows you to do so. Your student visa allows you to work 40 hours per fortnight during semesters and unlimited hours during breaks. The Exchangr team vouches you to take this as a tactic to save more money and meet other people as well.
  10. Throw a party if your budget can manage and if it isn’t against your accommodation rules. This is one of the best way to unite a big group of people as students would love to mingle around places where everything is free. This increases your chances of meeting new people.


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