Australia Can be Cheap for International Students

The Exchangr team would like to ask you: What comes first in your mind when you hear the word ‘Australia’? For majority, they’d think about all the touristy view that the place have always been known for but this is not the case for international students. To them, they’d visualize empty wallets or cards being swiped. Australia is expensive – true! BUT not for those who knows how to be practical. Read on some tips from the Exchangr team and start saving money wisely.


Opal card is your best friend. Using your card more often as you choose to board public transport will save you a lot of money. Compute the amount of money that you are to spend on daily public transport to that of Uber or taxis and you’ll be horrified by how big the difference would be.



Split groceries with friends and cook meals with them. To cut expenses, the Exchangr team would suggest cooking with friends. Not only will you be able to save by splitting the grocery receipt but have a great time bonding as well. Better yet, if cooking is out of the subject, search for happy hours that offer discounted food and drinks. Dining outside doesn’t have to be expensive.



Pre-drink at home or somewhere cheap before going out. If you’d like to have a fun night without stashing your money, arriving at the club with only a little additional to consume would help you save. A bottle costs $8 and you don’t want to cash out 10 bottles just to satisfy your night.


Befriend coupon codes as you do touristy stuff. These God-send discounted vouchers are made to make life easier and luckily, the Exchangr team can help you get one. Visit our site at and get amazing deals to keep you from spending a lot.

Lastly, always remember that exploring the country, hiking, and swimming at beautiful beaches are always FREE. Yes, the simple things in life are indeed, FREE.


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