What International Students Need to Know About Sydneys Nightlife

Wondering where on earth can you experience the best party ever? Well, you don’t have to search far as you are already in it! Being an international student in Australia doesn’t only give you the privilege to study on prestigious schools but to let loose and have fun as well! Before you go marching to the door with high party spirit, let the Exchangr team orient you first about Sydney’s nightlife.

Australia has been doubling its effort into keeping its people safe thus, the government implemented lockout laws for bars, pubs and clubs. As an international student seeking for live music and entertainment venue within Sydney, you must know that the lock out time is only up to 2am so you’d like to hit the venue earlier than this time. Also, the Exchangr team would also like to emphasize that last drinks to be ordered will only be up to 3.30am therefore, you need to secure your drinks before the clock strikes this hour.

Specific areas covered by this rule include Kings Cross to Cockle Bay, The Rocks to Haymarket and Darlinghurst. If you’d rather enjoy the night with friends at home or in other areas unaffected by the law yet needs to take out some drinks, know that bottle shops last only until 11pm. Under this circumstance, you’d want to shop early if you want to stack some drinks.

Sydney is a lively city and in case you find yourself not yet satisfied for the night, there are still venues that are exempt from the rule. These are those that have a capacity of under 60 people. In addition, the party never stops as you can always head to other areas where the lockout does not apply. Tip: The Exchangr team is referring to Double Bay and Newtown! – let the party continue.

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